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AC power supply

  • Inverter power supply
  • Inverter power supply
  • Inverter power supply
  • Inverter power supply
Inverter power supplyInverter power supplyInverter power supplyInverter power supply

Inverter power supply

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Product Description

HPA series Variable Frequency Converters have the ability to simulate the AC voltage and frequency used in all countries.

It is a good instrument for R&D design characteristics, production testing, and QA verification. The HPA series delivers maximum rated power for any output voltage up to 300VAC (520VAC per phase), and at any frequency between 40Hzto 499.9Hz. It is not only suitable for commercial applications (47.63Hz),but also for communication, military, avionics, marine application at 400Hz.

1. 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz Input Frequency 2. 0-300VAC Output Voltage Selectable

3. 40 to 499.9Hz Output Frequency Range

4. Programmable Key Lock Setting Output Frequency

5. Easy-to-read LED’s display Output Voltage Frequency, Ampere,

Wattage & Power Factor

6. Pure and Stable Sine Wave Output 7. Self Test at Power On

8. Galvanically Isolated. No Harmonic Distortion. (EMI, EMC).

9. PWM Technology enhances Compact Size, Light Weight

10. IGBT Module generates High Efficiency, Low Noise & Max. Reliability.

11. Capable to simulate the AC Voltage & Frequency used in all countries

12. Sustained 300% Overload Capability

13. Electronic Circuit / Instant Trip Breaker / Alarm for Over Load, Over

Temperature, Instant Cut off, Short Circuit Protection

14. Suitable for use with Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and Non-linear Load