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A self-service car wash is where people come to wash their cars. As the name suggests, automakers do the washing themselves. They can pay  by putting coins in the money washer before they can use it to wash the car.

The car wash industry is competitive as you get to see a car wash bar on almost every round in town. you can still start the business and make good money out of it. This article is about the importance of investing in a self service car wash business and steps on how to set up your own self service car wash bay.
Why should you invest in self-service car wash
1, Passive income: The self-service car wash runs itself. You set up the bay and car washing machines; While the car owners pay to use the machine. It is a good source of passive income; It's a means of income where you can be gone and still make money.

2,Not Labor Intensive: You don't need to get employees that you will pay weekly wages or monthly salary. The self-service car wash works on its own, without additional hands to monitor it. All you need is to make sure you are operating the machines regularly.

3, Part-time business:
 If you have the capital to invest in a part-time business that makes you money while you focus on other jobs, then a self-service car wash business is the best choice for you. What you will focus on is like that Owner is on creative ways to advertise your car bay and patronize more people, and bookkeeping.
Start a self-service car wash
1) Raise capital for your business
Self-service car washes can be very expensive; The majority of your capital will likely be spent buying these machines.
You can start some people to partner in your business as investors, if the cash you have will not be enough to start the business. Where there is more than one partner;
you need to decide what percentage of ROI each partner will receive based on how much the partner has contributed to the business to avoid future misunderstandings about profit sharing in the future.

2) Register your company
you need to register a company name to do this type of business. A corporate attorney can help you do business registration for a small service fee. Although insurance is not necessary for a self-service business; you can still buy basic insurance just to be on the safe side of the law.

3)Lease a room
The next step is to get a room that you will use as a car wash. If you can get an area in the busy part of town, it will serve you better, although such places don't come cheap. The lease should be a long-term agreement to give terms of continuous renewal as long as the rent is paid, though it is due.

4)Order for your machines
After you have rented out your space, you can reconstruct the space into individual stable shafts; And every stall should have enough space for car owners to comfortably pack and wash their cars with no problems.

5) routine maintenance
This is the aspect that most people tend to ignore; you set up the machine and run it without proper maintenance. you need to schedule regular maintenance appointments for your machines; if you call a service technician twice for the maintenance and servicing check on the machines, it will take longer.

you have to develop creative ways to get people to use self-service car wash facilities; As I mentioned earlier, there are car windows strewn around every area of the city; So you have to give people reasons why they should use your car bay.

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